Torus at Art Center

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Art Center College of Design invited Peter Tolkin Architecture to install a variation of our Dunnage Ball at their North Campus for the week leading up to graduation on August 17th. Following on the success of the Dunnage Ball we began to look at other larger, more elaborate configurations. Peter Tolkin Architecture, with assistance from Leigh Jerrard, designed Torus, which is comprised of 90 dunnage bags in a donut shape, approximately 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet tall with an 8-foot diameter center chamber. The geometry of Torus is a toroidal polyhedron made up of octahedrons and equilateral triangles developed using 3d (Rhino) computer software and physical models. Many thanks to Stopak and Sunrise Manufacturing for their kind donation of the dunnage bags.

Reference:  Facebook: Peter Tolkin Architecture