News Narratives Projects: On Navigating the Website

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The project website is organized by News items, Stories, and Projects—each occurring at their own pace.

News travels fast. It is brief, frequent, and transient: a mention in the press, an upcoming lecture, an invitation to an opening.

Stories unfold more slowly. We create these Stories about our our clients and our relationship to them to offer a sense of the social aspects of architecture. These stories reveal more about how we work than about the projects themselves.
Projects take the longest to occur, but they are also the most permanent. Projects are the physical manifestation of the narrative process that is foundational to our architecture.

Aside from being newsmakers, storytellers, translators, and architects, we form a Practice—with a Mission, a Profile, People, Publications, and Awards. This website offers you a sense of who we are, what we stand for, what others say about us, and who has recognized our creativity, innovation, and accomplishments.

Please Contact us with a comment, question, or even better—tell us your story.