Art & Architecture in Pasadena

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Peter Tolkin Architecture, in collaboration with the Armory Center for the Arts and the Pasadena & Foothill Chapter of the American Institute of Architect, has organized a panel discussion to take place of the next three Saturdays.  The first session titled “Past: Pasadena and its Various Histories” will be moderated by Larry Wilson with Anthony Denzer, Ilene Susan Fort and Michele Zack as panelists.  The second sessions titled “Present: Assessing Recent Developments in Pasadena” is Moderated by Christopher Hawthorne with Can Bilsel, Maria Luisa de Herrera, and Stephanos Polyzoides as panelists.  The last session titled “Future:  Growth, Technology and Sustainability in Pasadena” is moderated by Francis Anderton with Edgar Arceneaux, Kevin Burke, and Michael Maltzan as panelists.